Awards Winners

2017/10/15 Report


Shozo Makino Award
Founded in 1958 by the committee to honor Shozo Makino, a Kyoto-born filmmaker often regarded as the father of Japanese cinema, the award is given to filmmakers who contributed to the development of Japanese cinema.

Winner: Jiro Shindo
“I’m honored” said Jiro Shindo gratefully upon receiving the trophy. After praising the achievements of Shozo Makino, he humbly agreed that the filmmakers who have received it are much admired, and that he would try hard not to dishonor the prize. 

Toshiro Mifune Award
In honor of Toshiro Mifune, one of the best-known Japanese movie stars of all time, the award rewards the actor who has made a significant international contribution to cinema.

Winner: Tadanobu Asano
“Thank you so much for today. I am truly delighted to receive the great Toshiro Mifune’s Award. There has often been a conflict in my mind, and though I never met Mifune, I have sometimes looked for him in my heart. It is my own feeling, but to me, Mifune replies, and I am satisfied with this. I am really happy to receive Mifune’s Award. From now on I’ll do my best to become an actor like Mifune. I am so happy, this is the best!"

Creator’s Factory
Launched at the 5th Okinawa International Movie Festival in order to discover the next generation of talented artists, Creator’s Factory at the Kyoto International Film and Art Festival collects submissions not only from filmmakers but also from artists of various disciplines. Creator’s Factory features exciting new talents in various arts; cinema, music, painting, photography, animation, CG, fashion, and traditional crafts to create a fusion of exciting new culture.

Entertainment Movie Section – Number of Submissions: 150
Art Section – Number of Submissions: 169 (Art Section: 47, Kids Section: 122)

Award Winners
Entertainment Movie Section
– Grand Prize: Shun Nakagawa
– Second Prize: Kazuya Murayama
– Outstanding Performance Award: Junta Yamaguchi, Takeshi Kogahara
Art Section
– Outstanding Performance Award: Yoshinori Tanaka
Kids Section
– Outstanding Performance Award: Michitaka Nakamura


I thought that this year, with the film festival held at theaters and exhibition halls, we have expanded the participant's level. I feel that our film festival has settled in Kyoto step by step, and a new seedling has sprouted.

Art, Movies and Everything Else – Kyoto 3 Days 4 nights, did you enjoy it? Actor Masaki Suda made it this morning from the Busan ​​International Film Festival to the stage greeting for “Spark,” one of many works on show all around the city. The art works will be exhibited at Former Rissei Elementary School and in all corners of the city until the end of the year.

‘The event is like a film festival but not a film festival, it is like an art festival but isn’t an art festival. How will it grow in the future?’ asked a foreign journalist. ‘I don’t understand at all’ I replied. Because of the increasing number of people gathering here thanks to the power of Kyoto, the possibilities are infinite!

I would like to continue our efforts and devote ourselves again for the 5th edition. A big thank you to everyone. See you next year!

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