Guest House

Guest House


Jonwoo is a young man living in Jiangling who hasn’t been able to achieve his dream of being an actor. His older sister Sungwoo wants him to give up his dream and to get serious and run a guest house in Jiangling, but she doesn’t get her wish. One day, Sungwoo’s friend, Hiroko comes from Japan to visit Jiangling. Hiroko is a former member of the Japanese national Curling team. Having to retire, she had come to Jiangling to work, and for another purpose. Hiroko stays at Songwoo’s guest house, and then meets Jonwoo.


Sungje(Supernova), Chisun, Hiromit su Takeda, Kim Kwang-hy un

Work Data

Director David Cho
Country Korea
Year 2017