Girl’s play(CX)

Girl’s play(CX)


Three days before a cultural festival, reliable heroine Hikari Sasaki suddenly quits the club. Left behind in the theater club are four sensitive girls, Saya Honjo, Aoi Fujisaki, Kurumi Nakahara and Mika Shinoda. The girls have relied on Hikari for such a long time, and are at a loss, with none of them interested in being the next heroine. Nobody has any desire to be a candidate, but without a leader for the theater club the manager Saya has the idea of having a secret ballot.
But the result of the vote produces a shocking development.


Haruka Fukuhara,Tina Tamashiro,Fuko Yagura(NMB48),Karin Ono,Misaki Saito,Kohei Fukuyama,Ryuji Akiyama(Robert),Isao Hashizume

Work Data

Director Mai Takano
Country Japan
Year 2017