N.Y. Maxman(EX)

N.Y. Maxman(EX)


First generation Masayoshi Taniguchi, who is working in New York meets NY Maxman Hiro Max, the grandson of Mr. M, who authored the American comic“ Maxman”. Returning to Japan, the two of them join with the second generation hero. Meanwhile, Kaho, the daughter of representative Kaito, who was caught up in the terrorist plot in the previous film, is forced to retire as an idol because of the sins of her father. Kaho plans to incriminate her father on the Japanese television show“ Fresh Wide” to get revenge on him. But the night before, Kaho is kidnapped.


Tomo Inaba,Kasumi Yamaya,
Yudai Chiba,Mizuki Yamamoto,Ryo Ryusei,Rio Uchida,Takeshi Nadagi,
Ryo Tamura

Work Data

Director Akihide Masuda
Country Japan
Year 2017