Seaside Shukan Taishu(TX)

Seaside Shukan Taishu(TX)


One man is left behind on a vast seashore.
For some reason, on the sandy beach, he finds a copy of“ Shukan Taishu”, the king of the weekly magazines. The man decides to wait with the“ Shukan Taishu” until help arrives. Taking the “Shukan Taishu” into his hands, the man is taken into a world of delusion. It turns out that the power of delusion is the man’s greatest skill. The man uses the“ Shukan Taishu” to develop a number of delusions. However, no help comes, no matter how long he waits. The hot sun light. Solitude. Soon, the man’s delusions shift to his memories of the past which are waiting for him.


Naoki Matayoshi(Peace), Nagisa Shibuya(NMB48), Sayaka Isoyama, Yuma Yamoto, Fuku Suzuki, Tano Suzuki, Atsuko Hirata, Tsutomu Takahashi

Work Data

Director Isamu Ota
Country Japan
Year 2017