From Taiwan With Love

From Taiwan With Love



A young road movie that moves throughout Taiwan as a man who hasn’t given up on his dream to be an entertainer meets his former partner after a long time, and they embark on fulfilling the promises of the past.They go through problems and encounters as they head towards a city in Taiwan, holding their own thoughts and feelings.What will the two of them ultimately choose? This feature debut from young director
Keigo Mihara, who has become popular in Taiwan, was shot almost completely on location in Taiwan, and features popular actors such as Takuro Ohno, Motoki Ochiai, Natsumi Okamoto and Shinobu Hasegawa( sissonne).


Takuro Ohno,Motoki Ochiai,Natsumi Okamoto,Shinobu Hasegawa(sissonne)

Work Data

Director Keigo Mihara
Country Japan
Year 2017
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