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[Movie Project]-My Kyoto Record- Nagamatsu Hitomi 'Summer Road'- Former Rissei Elementary School

Artist: Nagamatsu Hitomi

Starting with this year, this film program shows connections in Kyoto from the perspective of Kyoto residents.
This time, the camera will be left to Hitomi Nagamatsu, who has many personal connections, to shoot various parts of Kyoto.
Born as the eldest daughter of an old-fashioned Kyoto art shop 'Tessaido', to her perspectives of owning the antique shop: 'Koto-Kyoto'.
Next year the shoot will continue with another key Kyoto figure taking up the camera.

[Fusion of Film and Art] Seeking the Horizon of Cooperation 68/75 - Former Rissei Elementary School

From 'Seeking the Horizon of Cooperation'

Artist: Iseo Nose

A fusion of film and art by Iseo Nose, based on the theme of 'Student Movements'.
Together with the screening of 'Seeking the Horizon of Cooperation 68/75' about the student movement at Okayama University, a lecture will be held on the theme of 'What is the Final Salvat ion of Humani ty?', seeking the deep questions held by this student movement, with Kenta Oka.

Lecture 'What is the Final Salvat ion of Humani ty?'

Date:Sat. 14 October
Venue:Former Rissei Elementary School
Performer:Iseo Nose,Kenta Oka

[SDGs/Experineced Project] Yeah! Quick! Let's do our best! 'Stamp rally' - Okazaki Park

This is a participatory event to learn about SDGs while playing.
You can gather stamps of personalities in a game context, while learning about SDGs.
Once all of the stamps are collected, visitors can then participate in a lottery draw.

[EVENT/Booth] Today's Plaza - Okazaki Park

Filled with booth exhibits and an entertaining concert with appearances by popular personalities!
This year Today’s Plaza will move to Heian Jingumae in Okazaki Park.
It will be crowded every day, with free stage events featuring many Yoshimoto entertainers, sponsor booths, food and drink booths, and so on. On Saturday, October 14, at the same park, a joint event is scheduled with the regularly held 'Heian Rakuichi' homemade market(Sponsored by the Kyoto Heian Promotion Foundation).
Hinton Battle presents HBDA Dance Performance!

[SDGs/EVENT]'SDGs Kagetsu' - Movies, Comedy, Shinkigeki and Everything Else - Yoshimoto Gion Kagetsu

SDGs Kagetsu is an event to share the SDGs through laughter, as entertainers include the various sustainable development goals in their materials and Shinkigeki.
The first part of this two-part event will be the screening of 'Wareware wa Urauretai Uketara Ureshii.Soredakeya', in which Yuichi Kimura interviews 180 entertainers.
The second part will involve popular comedians such as NON STYLE introducing the 17 SDGs in their material, participating in the SDGs-1 Grand Prix to determine a winner from among the guest participants, and to enjoy SDG Shinkigeki.
This will include a Shinkigeki performance by special guests that are normally not seen at Namba Grand Kagetsu.
This will be a fun event, which will include lunch boxes where two of the SDGs, 'the richness of the sea' and 'the richness of the land' will be enjoyed.

Date:Fri. 13 October
Venue:Yoshimoto Gion Kagetsu
[The First part] Advance 500yen/Today 700yen
→The First part Ticket
[The Second part] Advance/Today 3,000yen(include lunch boxes)
→The Second part Ticket
[The First&Second part] Advance/Today 3,300yen(include lunch boxes)
→The First&Second part Ticket

The First part
Film 'Wareware wa Urauretai Uketara Ureshii. Soredakeya'
Guest:Kiyoshi Nishikawa, Yuichi Kimura, others

The Second part
SDGs-1 Grand Prix & SDG Shinkigeki
Date:Fri. 13 October

[SDGs] Messages from the Future- 17 Goals to Change the World

Using the characters from posters featured at the Okinawa International Movie Festival in April, The Kyoto International Film and Art Festival will also broadcast original videos introducing SDG initiatives and provide the public with a fun and natural introduction to SDGs.

Yoshimoto Archigram

These are deployed in the underground windows of Kyoto Daimaru and on PARCO cloud funding site .
A must see for fans of Fist of the North Star and Honey Works!
All original works you will only see here!

Pop Exhibition of Books Recommended by Comedians - Library in Kyoto

20 Kyoto City libraries plan to exhibit a POP introducing books recommended by more than 40 enter tainers that enjoy reading.


Date:Thu. 12 - Sun. 15 October
Time:Check this URL.

'Let’s make a big picture book together!' with Copperplate Painter Junko Funada - Shimogyo Library

Artist: Junko Funada

Making an original and one of a kind picture book with copperplate painter Junko Funada using paint and a large piece of paper, with the theme of 'The thing that makes us excited'.
The workshop will be whipped up with the participation of Yoshimoto comedians 'Mitorizu' and 'Henderson'.


Date:Sat. 14 October
Performer:Mitorizu, Henderson

Shogi Workshop by Yanagibuson and Female 3-kyu Nana Fujii - Mukojima Library&Kisshoin Library

Artist: Yanagibuson and Female 3-kyu Nana Fujii

Shogi enthusiast comedian Yanagibuson and female 3-Kyu Nana Fujii will hold a workshop aimed at sharing the fun of shogi with children.

Mukojima Library

Date:Sun. 15 October
Target:Primary School Children

Kisshoin Library

Date:Sun. 15 October
Target:Primary School Children