ARTFormer Rissei Elementary School

PERIOD:Thu. 12 - Sun. 15 October

Seika Hyakka Exhibition Ceramics-Pottery City

Artist: Kyoto Seika University Graduates

Kyoto Seika University has held a number of exhibitions at the Former Rissei Elementary School.
In cooperation with the Kyoto International Film Festival, the Ceramics-Pottery City will be held as a 'Thank you Rissei Elementary School' event for graduates returning home to the Former Rissei Elementary School.

The World Of Kyoto through Animation


An animation exhibition has been planned to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the publication of Japanese animation.
Valuable production Rissei Elementary School Auditorium, from works set in Kyoto such as 'The Eccentric Family' and 'Ge kijouban Hakuouki : Daiisshou Kyoto Ranbu'.

Crank up Civilization! New Hakama Style Brand 'Pri-Sonaye'

Artist: Marin Nakamura

'Pri-Sonaye' is a new kimono brand which expresses the desire in Marin Nakamura to be both cool and cute.
This new design proposes a new style for women’s hakama, which can be worn every day, combining western style elements to kimono in a way never seen before to crank up a new civilization.
At this year’s film festival, we will show off the first version of this kimono coordination.

wall-ordered axis

Kazuto Imura 'wall-ordered axis' 2017

Artist: Kazuto Imura

An installation from Kyoto-born contemporary artist Kazuto Imura.
'wallordered' is a series which features the characteristics of various half-mirrors, convex mirrors, and so on.
Taking cues from this year’s theme of 'life flow', this exhibition combines this with the scenery of Kyoto which has been crafted by its long history.

Seifuku to Kimi to Kyoshitsu de


Artist: Makita, Yu Itsuki, Umeka Kusakabe, caho, Chiaki Harada

What kind of student were you?
Given that the time when you wear a uniform is so short, we want to look back at these days that will never return, and cherish our daily lives today, drawing our wonderful student life.
A group exhibition will be held by five popular young creators on the theme of 'school'.
During the festival, there will be live painting, signing and caricature drawings.

YAMBARU RGB - Yanbaru Ni Hakobune

©Nakahodo Choji

Artist: Choji Nakahodo

This is an exhibition from photographer and overall director Ryoji Nakamura from the 'Yanbaru Art Festival 2017- 2018' to be held for the first time this winter in the northern part of the Okinawa main island, known as the Yanbaru area.
Named after the YAF theme of 'Yanbaru Ni Hakobune', this is a photo and design exhibition showing the RGB(red, green, blue) world of 'Yanbaru' left behind for the future in a Hakobune.

Yuichi Kimura and Ryo Nishikata 'Shajutsu','Nishikata Ryoten - Chotto Kimu Nii','Issho ni Tsukuro! Ki no Omocha'

Artist: Yuichi Kimura and Ryo Nishikata

An exhibition and workshop by married couple Yuichi Kimura and Ryo Nishikata.
Using photos taken by themselves, as well as stories about them, they will bring out the interesting side of this 'photo art' exhibition.
The exhibition will be held to display photographs by Yuichi Kimura, who established the genre, in an interior designed based on the design drawings of his wife, Ryo Nishikata.
The creative space unique to this couple is a must see.
The couple will also be holding workshops limited to the period of the Kyoto International Film and Art Festival.

Tea Gurinko Sensei × Traveling Coffee

Artist: Riko Tamiya

This is a collaboration cafe between Tea Instructor Riko Tamiya, better known as 'Tea Gurinko Sensei' and the Former Rissei Elementary School Cafe 'Traveling Coffee'.
The limited time menu will include an original collaborative tea with a name related to the Rissei Elementary School.

Kyoto Sanjo Radio Cafe × Yuca chin

Artist: Yuca chin

This is a collaboration between illustrator Yuca chin, who works mainly on women’s magazines and products, and Kyoto Sanjo Radio Cafe.
The will be an exhibition of original works, illustrations used in Kyoto Sanjo Radio Cafe timetables, and the manga series 'Kyoto no Hanamachi de Machiya Kurashi'.

Tenjiku Nezumi Kawahara no Hitokoto Coloring Exhibition

Artist: Katsumi Kawahara

A coloring exhibition produced by Kisai / Tenjiku Nezumi Kawahara, which gained popularity in Osaka in July.
30 Yoshimoto comedians will challenge themselves with coloring from the world view of Kawahara.