ARTCircling around the City of Kyoto/Kyoto Station Building/Kyoto Art Center/Kyoto Tower Sand/JR Kyoto Isetan

Art Taxi - Circling around the City of Kyoto:9/23-10/31

Artist: Hiroko Ichihara

This art project involves original wrappings for taxis by artist Hiroko Ichihara, who presents an installationlike exhibition using words and characters.
These taxis will be running throughout the city of Kyoto from before the film festival, and customers that ride in them will be presented original art cards.

Art Taxi - Special Exhibition

Date:Sat. 23 September
Venue:Former Rissei Elementary School

Galaxy Railway Tachibana DX - Kyoto Station Building:10/6-15

Nobuyuki Tachibana'Galaxy Railway Tachibana DX'1998

Artist: Nobuyuki Tachibana

An exhibition of a steel object imitating a locomotive by Nobuyuki Tachibana, displayed at the Kyoto station square.
This piece of work was crafted based on the artist’s love for animation as a child, with such things as lights turning on when the handle is turned.
The artist loves to create art which entertains, gives people courage, returning people to their childhood and the importance of having dreams.

Kyoto International Film and Art Festival 2017 × Kyoto Marui Group Exhibition -Yoshinobu Kuriyama, Sakurako Hamaguchi,Taizo, Kukki of Yasei Bakudan - Kyoto Marui:10/12-15

Artist: Yoshinobu Kuriyama, Sakurako Hamaguchi,Taizo, Kukki of Yasei Bakudan

This is a joint exhibition between four people, a solo exhibition of Hawaiian Art by Yoshinobu Kuriyama, Kyoto-living contemporary artist Sakurako Hamaguchi, Taizo, who was named the 'Osaka Prefecture Disabled Artist and Cultural Ambassador' this year to produce art with a new sense of purpose, and Kukki or Yasei Bakudan, who has used his artistic talent to produce popular t-shirts in collaboration with brands.
Please enjoy this vivid space, woven by contemporary artists, artists and entertainers.
Between 6 and 7 PM on Friday, October 13, a live painting event will also be held by Sakurako Hamaguchi, Taizo and Kukki of Yasei Bakudan.


Date:10月12日(木)~15日(日) 10:30~20:30
Venue:Kyoto Marui 6F

Live Painting

Date:Fri. 13 October
Venue:Kyoto Marui 6F
Artists:Sakurako Hamaguchi,Taizo, Kukki of Yasei Bakudan

Yoshinobu Kuriyama Autograph session

Sta. 14 October 16:00-18:00
Sun. 15 October 11:00-13:00,14:00-16:00
Venue:Kyoto Marui 6F

LIMITS 『Digital Art Battle in KYOTO』- Kyoto Art Center:10/12,13


The exciting world championship digital art battle event 'LIMITS' will be held at the Kyoto Art Center in collaboration with 'East Asian Cultural City 2017 Kyoto'.
Topics are decided just before the battle, and the production time is just 20 minutes!
This new type of battle entertainment tries the limits of the artists in regards to speed and creativity under difficult conditions.
This year, in addition to regular LIMITS artists, Yoshimoto entertainers are also scheduled to join in the art battle.

Battle Event - Thu. 12 October

Date:Thu. 12 October
Venue:Kyoto Art Center Free Space(

Battle Event - Fir. 13 October

Date:Fri 13 October
Venue:Kyoto Art Center Free Space(

LIMITS『Digital Art Battle in KYOTO』Special Exhibition - Wacoal Study Hall Kyoto:10/4-14


LIMITS 'Digital Art Battle in Kyoto' will be held over two days; Thursday, October 12 and Friday, October 13 at the Kyoto Art Center.
An exhibition of works from the artists who plan to participate in this event will be held at the Wacoal Study Hall Kyoto.
In addition to the regular LIMITS digital artists, works will also be exhibited from Yoshimoto enter tainer s that are expected to participate in the battle on the day.
Please come and see this exhibition where you can experience the fast-paced digi tal battle that will heat up Kyoto in the autumn.


Date:Wed. 4 - Sat. 14 October
Venue:Wacoal Study Hall Kyoto 1F(

Gag!? Art!? Yuriyan Retriever × Hiroko Ichihara 'Life is Going Well. Gacha.' - Kyoto Tower Sand:10/6-15

Artist: Yuriyan Retriever × Hiroko Ichihara

Is it a gag!? Or is it Art!?
A collaborative art project between the words of contemporary artist Hiroko Ichihara and the words of entertainer Yuriyan Retriever.


Date:Fri. 6 - Sun. 15 October

Heather Brown meets the Kyoto International Film and Art Festival - JR Kyoto Isetan:10/11-17

©Heather Brown Gallery

Artist: Heather Brown

A collaboration between the Kyoto International Film and Art Festival and Heather Brown, a modern surf artist living in Hawaii.
A Heather Brown Gallery Pop-up Store will open in Isetan Men’s on the 6F of JR Kyoto Isetan for 7 days from Wednesday, October 11-17.
An autograph session will be held at the same location between 1PM and 3PM on the final day of the festival; Sunday, October 15.

Copperplate Painter Junko Funada Exhibition:10/12-15

Artist: Junko Funada

An exhibition of the work of copperplate painter Junko Funada, featuring a colorful pop style will be held at Iwakura Library.