ARTFujii Daimaru

PERIOD:Mon. 2 - Sun. 15 October


©STIK / collection : ART OFFICE OZASA

Artist: STIK

An exhibition by the most talked about artist in the British art world, STIK, with strange drawings of figures (stick figures) with distinctive elongated lines.
This will also includean exhibition of BIG ISSUE featuring STIK and original ceramics, including pieces not previously released that were lect in Japan several years ago.

Also, at the request of STIK himself and owner of the piece, ART OFFICE OZASA, the large shutter piece will be auctioned at an SBI art auction (to be held October 20, 2017) after the exhibition. The winning bid, less expenses, will be donated to the Kyoto City Kodomo Wakamono Hagukumi-Kyoku (Children and Youth Bureau) for the future of children.

ART OFFICE OZASA, Makiko Yamamoto, Kyoto City Kodomo Wakamono Hagukumi-Kyoku, SBI Art Auction

1-Frame Unagi Exhibition

Artist: Ginshari Unagi Kazuhiro

An exhibition of 1-frame cartoon illustrations published by Ginshari Unagi with their unique style. Experience the surreal and interesting world of the unique unagi in the hall.
The artist will also hold live paintings during the festival.

Ginshari Unagi 'Live Painting'

Date:Fri. 6 October
Venue:Fujii Daimaru 3F