ARTKyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts

PERIOD:Thu. 12 - Sun. 15 October

SHURI Saga 2017 Autumn

After a joint exhibition by students and talk program by professors from the Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts and Kyoto Saga University of Arts held at the “9th Okinawa International Movie Festival” this spring, students from both universities will hold a joint camp and exhibition at this festival.
In addition to professors from both universities, “Kyoto International Film and Art Festival” Art Planner Kenta Oka and “Okinawa International Movie Festival” Advertising Director Tamako Miyagawa will also hold a talk show.

Talk Show

Date:Sun. 15 October
Place:Event Room

Michail Gkinis 'Futuristic Craftsmanship' Kyoto Lanterns × High- tech Knits

Artist: Michail Gkinis × Kobishiya Chube lanterns

A collaboration between Kobishiya Chube lanterns and artist/designer Michail Gkinis, born in Greece, via London! Using Michail’s high-tech knit fabric used for 'wearable scarfs', scarfs are wrapped around Kyoto lanterns with the skill of artisans.
What kind of works can be expected from this collaboration between Kyoto lanterns and wearable scarfs? Finished pieces will be exhibited at the Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts 'Event Room' during the festival.

Kyoto Craftsman Workshops - 10/14

Workshops will be held by craftsmen with skills which have been passed down for generations in Kyoto.
With the cooperation of the Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts, this year participatory workshops will be held by craftsmen in 'dyeing' and 'Buddhist tool engraving'

Dyeing Workshop

Date:Sat. 14 October

Buddhist tool engraving Workshop

Date:Sat. 14 October

Hosei Tsukitei and Shori Shofukutei 'An Audience with the Traditional Craft of Rakugo' - 10/15

Artist: Hosei Tsukitei,Shori Shofukutei

An Audience with active Rakugo storyteller Hosei Tsukimatei, seated in traditional costume by Kyoto craftsmen.
This year’s program is further upgraded with a support performance by Shori Shofukutei.
Presenting a performance rich in traditional craftsmanship.