ARTKyoto Botanical Garden

PERIOD:Sat. 14, Sun. 15 October

Yotta 'Grain(Tanatsu)'


Artist: Yotta

With a motif of the“ Pon Candy Machines” developed to meet hunger during war times, a 'Cannon - type Pon Candy Machine' will be placed on a vehicle that 'explodes' to have food(Pon Candy) come out.
The Pon Candy created for the performance can also be purchased on the spot.

The beginning of the Earth


Artist: Bosshiko direction

A program produced by padGALLERY.
Based on the concept of the beginning of the earth, and using paper and wood that returns to the earth, the art will be exhibited in the form of a botanical garden which represents the whole world between heaven and earth.

Ramune Oka Mist Art

Artist: Ramune Oka

A mist art project by young artist and performer Ramne Oka, who will paint the ground with water in front of the Namba Grand Kagetsu.
The line from the Kyoto Prefectural Botanical Garden to the Kyoto Institute, Library and Archives will be colored with this misty art.

Ocha no Kyoto Haku 'Kyoto Tea Concept Car Exhibition'

The Kyoto Prefectural Office 'Kyoto Tea' concept car will be exhibited at the Kyoto Prefectural Botanical Garden North Gate.
'Uji Tea-Pon Candy' will also be sold in collaboration with Yotta 'Grain'

Yoshimoto Horticulture in Kyoto

Artist: Kazuyuki Ishihara

Online horticulture sales site 'Yoshimoto Horticulture' which is managed by Yoshimoto garden designer Kazuyuki Ishihara will open a real store selling flowers and ornamental plants.
A 'Flower Box Workshop' will also be held together with 'Smile'&'Sakura Inagaki Saki', to create 'Flower Boxes' produced under the direction of Ishihara at between 1PM and 2PM on October 15.


Date:Sun. 15 October
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International Digital Picture Book Fair(Kyoto Institute, Library and Archives)

'Digital Picture Books', a new tool for children to play and learn with, enabling them to express themselves with drawing paper and clay and can be read like a picture book; are coming to the Kyoto International Film and Art Festival!
About 150 digital picture books will be exhibited, from all over the world. Its so much fun! I’ve never seen it before!
It opens up the world! Come and experience these digital picture books, parent and child together.