4 days and 3 nights in Kyoto.

The unique charms of the city of Kyoto don’t just lie in its long history and famous shrines and temples, but also in the food, Showa-era buildings, its streets and alleys, and the people that live there.
The Kyoto International Film and Art Festival is about “Movies, Art and Everything”. It is for this reason that we look forward to everyone being able to enjoy this town, both those that live in Kyoto and those that come to visit, over the four days of the Kyoto International Film and Art Festival.
The mascots, as you know, are the wild animal caricatures of Frog and Rabbit.
I sought a Kyoto location during the busy tourist season.

Creative Director Takashi Yamamoto

Kotoba Inc.
Creative Director, Copywriter and Kansai University Faculty of Sociology Professor.
Born in Kyoto in 1961. Graduated from the Osaka University School of Letters in 1985, and joined Dentsu the same year. Produced a large number of advertising campaigns. Left Dentsu in December 2006. Established Kotoba Inc.

Art Director Shin Orishige

Designman Co., Ltd.
Art Director, Designer
After working at F Design, Shimizu Masami Design Office and Hakuhodo Products, he joined the Kei-Ko Tokyo design office, Design Boy, in 2007, and established Designman Co., Ltd. in August 2016.